shop signage

It took me long enough, but I finally got signs up for the shop! The structure for the signs were already there, with brick columns and sign wall... I need up ordering 2 4 x 8 foot vinyl banners with metal grommets in order to install. Had it not been for the existing sign structure, I likely wouldn't have put up any signs. However, its kinda cool to see my artwork blown up so large and displayed at my shop! The street my shop is on is also a fairly busy road, so it should also serve as a little advertising. The last pic shows the banner on the floor in my shop with my feet in the image to give a better sense of scale. After seeing the images this large, I thought wow, I need to start painting large again!

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Hi! Welcome to bryan holland arts!
I create work that reminds people of our connection to the natural world through mixed media oil paintings of birds and animals. In addition to paint, I also incorporate collage material which allows me to create unique layered compositions that serve as a contrast to the animals, which illustrates how the manmade world and the natural world are even more intertwined that we might realize.