what should I paint this week?

It's time again to choose an animal for a weekly painting! I'll create a painting this week of the animal that receives the most votes. Please, only one vote per person. Voting will be open until Tuesday, June 8, 12:00 pm CST.

SORRY, VOTING HAS ENDED! Here are the results:

Total votes: 402
Octopus: 129
Iguana: 74
Horse: 57
Kingfisher: 51

Misc suggestions (with no other vote): 48

Suggestions by more than one person (or multiple votes by same person)
Hoatzin: 9
Peacock: 4
Quokka: 3
Capybara: 3
Cicada: 3
Black Bear: 2
European Badger: 2
Hyrax: 2
Leopard: 2
Okapi: 2
Owl: 2
Opossum: 2
Pangolin: 2

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