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So 2 weeks ago, I asked the question, "what would you like to see me paint this week?" on Facebook and Instagram, with the intention of creating one small painting that week based on one of the suggestions. The question generated a lot of great suggestions...

It took me long enough, but I finally got signs up for the shop! The structure for the signs were already there, with brick columns and sign wall... 

I've been in the process over the last several months of giving my website a complete overhaul. For some time, I've been using a Joomla template, and felt it was time to give things an update.

Finally able to move into the new studio space! For the first time, I have an entire building to myself! There is, however, much work to be doneincluding a good cleaning, filling in some holes in the walls, some painting and touch up painting, redoing or putting in some new flooring, etc. And of course the actual process of moving everything I've managed to pack into the current space for the last 7 years. The good news is that I don't have to be out of the space until the end of the month, the bad news is that I had a uHaul lined up

After being in my current studio space for 8+ years, I'll finally be moving to a new space in Saint Peter. In a way, I'll miss my old space, especially the people who work in the building who have become friends over the years.

On Monday, January 22, I'll be in Vermillion, SD visiting the school where I got my MFA in painting. I'll be there as a visiting artist, and to juror the annual Stilwell student exhibit.

Excited to announce that I'll be teaching a workshop and course during the spring of 2018 at Minnetonka Center for the Arts.

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