144D Blog... great interview with 144D! You can read it here. 


The link is down, but here are the interview questions and answers:

How do you define “art” and can good or bad art be labeled?
Everyone has an idea or opinion of what makes good art or bad art. However, labeling art can be problematic. Perhaps the challenge is not to label but rather to make an effort to try to understand a different viewpoint, to take time to reflect on an art form that we would not do so otherwise. How do you think art effects our world socially, economically and emotionally? From the moment we open our eyes in the morning, we are bombarded with visual and auditory stimulus, TV, radio, internet, cell phones, advertising... in this aspect, I think art can serve as a sort of refuge, help us to clear our minds, get us centered, and reflect on what’s important.

To you, what is the point or reason for artistic expression? Is there one at all?
For me, there is just something that compels me to get up in the morning and go to my studio and work. What skills do you think are needed to attain a higher level of creativity in ourselves and society? Critical thinking and daily engagement.

Why do you think creativity is such an illusive concept for people?
Creativity is found in all aspects of life, not just art. I think its when creativity is associated with something specific (such as art or technique) it can feel illusive.

Judgment - who has the right to give it and, in the end, who are we trying to influence with our efforts?
For better or worse, everyone makes judgements about art, whether labeling as good or bad, deciding not to engage a style of art because they don’t like it, or coming up with their own interpretations or ideas about a work of art. From time to time I’m asked to explain a specific painting, which I usually try to avoid at first by turning it back around and ask the person what they see. This usually opens a dialogue rather than reinforcing that the artist’s viewpoint is the only one, or the only one that is valid.

Can you explain your process and working environment?
My process is very organic. Typically I begin a new work with little more than a reference photo or loose idea about the painting, never really knowing what the finished work will look like. For me, its usually more important to get some paint on the surface than to have things mapped out. Sometimes this process can be problematic as there are more stops and starts, misdirections, etc., but often those are the very things that can lead to new directions or better ideas. I also find it to be helpful to work on many paintings at a time, usually 10 or more. This way, I am able to let a layer of oil paint dry or wait for inspiration while working on another.

Within the last 5 years, social connectivity has become a necessity. How has this effected you and your work?
Social media has dramatically changed the way I work and interact with the world. For one, its another means of displaying my work, other than gallery shows, which are much more limited in terms of frequency and audience, as opposed to the web, which is 24/7, world wide. It also allows me to do something that I’ve never been able to do in the past, which is to share works in progress, to show an audience the stages my paintings go through. Other than that, it also exposes me personally to a wide variety of art, including many very talented artists. And this aspect continually pushes me to strive harder at what I do, to continually challenge myself.

Skill or novelty, ingenuity or connections, media or scale? Why are we drawn to art and where does our appreciation come from?
Humankind has been making art since the beginning, before written language was develped. Why are we drawn to it? Perhaps it's the way we are wired, something deep down, written in our genetic material. Or perhaps there is that little bit of magic or alchemy we humans see in art, the ability of the artist to take some raw material such as paint and transform it into something else, an image, an idea, an emotion.

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