Select works: 2008-2009

During this body of work, my focus changed from a time-consuming process of realism to a more experimental process of working with digital/physical collage and painting. My inspiration for this series was from observing roadside billboards. When it’s time to put up a new ad on a billboard, it’s often glued on top of an existing ad, which in turn was glued on a previous ad, and so on. Being in a northern climate, however, billboards are subject to an extreme change in weather, which often results in these layers peeling off in areas. I find it interesting how these multi-layered billboards become altered by time by and the elements, where sections of the various ads have been faded or ripped away revealing underlying layers. In the process, a new image, a new aesthetic, and perhaps even new meanings are created.

So, taking a cue from these billboards, I’ve been experimenting with artwork that has a similar character. Beginning with a variety of source material, such as my own photos, found images, text, and other collage material, images and text are coalesced with a variety of high-tech (computer) and low-tech (collage) methods.